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Welcome to the Sporting Lucas Terrier Club

A brief introduction to the club

  • The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club was established in 1999. The club aims to provide information on the sporting lucas terrier breed and help all owners.
  • The sporting lucas terrier club hosts an annual show and encourages owners of sporting lucas terriers to keep in touch with one another.
  • If you would like to become a member of the club please visit the membership tab for more information or feel free to contact us.

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Class 1 Best Puppy under 12 month old.
Winner. Randalsfield Pimpernell. Owned by Mr & Mrs. J. Stocks.
Handled by Lias Robinson.

Class 2 Best Yearling 12 to 24 months old
Winner. Pengarlaurel Casper. Owned by Harry Coates.
Handled by Harry Coates.

Class 3 Best Bitch over 24 months old
Winner. Randalsfield Raggs. Owned by Marri Berriman.
Handled by Marri Berriman.

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Our Club Rules

The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club is strongly opposed to excessive & the commercial of Sporting Lucas Tethers by any member. No terrier bitch registered with the Club shall have more than one litter in any 12 months period. Where a bitch was unintentionally mated within the said 12 months period , resulting in pups , the member may apply , in writing , to the Breed Registrar requesting that consideration given to allow the registration of those pups. Members should be aware that such applications are likely to be refused by the Breed Registrar.
Where the Breed Registrar allows the registration of pups under those circumstances the Registrar should warn the breeder that if this occurs again , the resulting pups will definitely not be registered by the Registrar & that following the second accidental mating the member may have his or her membership withdrawn by the Club committee.
All Club members must at all times only work their terriers on land where they have lawful authority to be and to carry out lawful terrier work. Any member who is determined to be poaching or trespassing on land that the member does not have permission or lawful authority to be on will not be afforded any help or support from The Sporting Lucas Terrier Club or any member. Read More